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    Citaaz Windproof Long Lighter Refillable Torch Lighter Inflatable Butane Lighter Adjustable Flame Torch Lighter for Grill Single Torch Jet Flame Lighter (Without Gas)


    1.POWERFUL AND CONCENTRATED SINGLE JET TORCH: This ligter is made of zinc alloy and aluminum,which generates up to 1200℃ jet torch.The flame works at any angle even when you upside down the lighter.The flame is powerful and concentrated to applied on indoor and outdoor activities,such as soldering,kitchen,culinary use,BBQ,cigar,cigarette,etc.
    2.SAFE TO USE WITH SUPRISING DESIGN:It is designed with 2-in-1 security lock and continuous flame lock. The lighter can be locked to avoid accidental ignition.And one-hand operation is easily achievable,convenient to keep flame especially for soldering or kitchen use.Further,250mm long Lighter keeps you at a safe distance.
    3.ADJUSTABLE FLAME INTENSITY: Humanized design of this lighter allows to adjust flame intensity by sliding flame knob without any tool in accordance with needs.

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