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    Grahini Super Store Unpolished Premium Kali Masoor Dal, 1 kg


    The Kali Masoor Dal from Grahini Super Store undergoes rigorous quality checks to maintain its authenticity and freshness. It is cultivated with utmost care, without the use of any artificial chemicals or pesticides, ensuring a healthy and safe product for you and your family.
    With its distinct earthy flavor and delightful texture, this dal is perfect for a variety of delicious dishes. From traditional Indian curries and stews to mouthwatering soups and salads, the versatility of our Kali Masoor Dal knows no bounds. It cooks quickly, saving you time in the kitchen while offering a satisfying meal that is both wholesome and flavorsome.
    The 1 kg packaging ensures that you have an ample supply of this delightful lentil, allowing you to experiment with new recipes and enjoy its benefits for an extended period. The convenient resealable pack keeps the dal fresh and protected from moisture, preserving its quality for longer durations.

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