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    Amaara’s Ginseng Herb Tea|Pack of 1 (20 TB) | Ashwagandha + Ginger + Turmeric + Cinnamon + Cardamom|100% Herbs | Immunity Booster + Reduces Stress | Caffeine free | Brew Hot or Cold


    Amaaras GINSENG HERB TEA: 1 pack with Net wt. 36 gms, contains 20 units of brew pacs, weight 1.8 gms each, Directions to Use-Pour 1 cup simmering hot water in your cup, dip 1 brew pac, allow 2-3 minutes for the tea to brew. Your everyday dose of optimum health is ready to revive you for the day. Add honey for a little sweetness. Do not add milk. Our herb brews are artfully crafted with natural herbs, offering medicinal benefits, No caffeine, and No added preservatives.
    INGREDIENTS: We bring you a refreshing blend of organically sourced INGREDIENTS and sustainably grown herbs that brew into a cup of perfection. The signature ingredient of this artfully crafted herb brew is the Ashwagandha (also known as Indian Ginseng root), combined with the goodness of pure gold turmeric and ginger, artfully crafted in a brew of cinnamon and cardamom, to leave you with a burst of flavors, and a fine hint of musky notes. This herbal tea does not contain any caffeine.
    BENEFITS: The original taste of Indian Ginseng root, blended with nature?s flavor, comes with matchless BENEFITS for your mind, body, and soul. This nutritious power-packed brew helps you reduce stress, calms your mind, and promotes relaxation. Also works wonders to improve heart health & immunity, manage diabetes and keep digestive problems at bay. Include this caffeine-free, energy booster beverage in your morning & evening routine to reap the best benefits.

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