1 Motor Unit, 1 Feeder Unit, 1 Pusher, 1 Juice & Pulp Separator, 1 Juice Gear-Filter, 1 Cleaning Brush, 2 Containers & 1 User Manual

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    Borosil Easy Juice Cold Press Slow Juicer, Portable Slow Juicer, Compact Design, Less Oxidation, For Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, 130 W, 130 Watt


    SLOW SPEED EXTRACTION, MAXIMUM NUTRITION – The Borosil Slow Juicer uses low-speed (55 RPM) to squeeze fruits and vegetables ensuring no important fibre, vitamins and minerals are damaged from heat and processing. This kind of juice extraction prevents oxidation and help you get real-tasting and natural juice.
    SLIM & PORTABLE – The small, space saving design of the slow juicer helps you to save counter space in your kitchen without compromising on the end results, that is, nutrient-rich juices.
    POWER-ON & REVERSE FEATURE – Designed with a reverse motor action, mostly not found in conventional juicers. This feature helps clean any pulp blockages and also, ensures a better extraction process. 130 W MOTOR – Equipped with a higher motor power than most juicers in the same range, so that any ingredient you put in the appliance is juiced fully. Only dry pulp is left behind and your nutrition-rich delicious juice is ready to consume.

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