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    Carbamide Forte Make Your Own Alkaline Water Drops | pH booster drops | 20 Litres of Alkaline Water per Bottle


    ✔ THE SIMPLEST WAY TO MAKE YOUR OWN ALKALINE WATER BOTTLE: Just 10ml drops can change purified water to alkaline water. Our pH booster for drinking water levels your drinking water to a safe level of 9-9.5 in just 10ml!
    ✔ PORTABLE & MOST AFFORDABLE PH DROPS FOR ALKALINE WATER: Tired of buying a big and expensive machine for Alkaline water or carrying litres of Alkaline water to work and outdoors? Carry our portable 200ml Alkaline drops for drinking water to increase its pH.
    ✔ REHYDRATE WITH ESSENTIAL MINERALS – POWERFUL ELECTROLYTE: Alkaline minerals are the key for healthy drinks for Rehydration. Our Alkaline drops for drinking water supplies electrolytes, antioxidants and amino acids your body needs to rehydrate efficiently.

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