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    THH Organic Dhaga Mishri | Mishri Crystal (3 kg)


    Dhaga Mishri has been used in various Ayurvedic medicines and proved to be effective against cough. It clears cough and soothes the oral cavity. It also loosens up mucus and provides quick relief. Take a medium sized piece of mishri (rock sugar) and keep it in your mouth and swallow its juice
    Dhaga Mishri & Fennel Seeds, Not only is it used as a Mouth Freshener but also as a Digestive Alongside Fennel Seeds. Its Digestive Properties start the process of Digestion immediately. So you should have a few pieces of Mishri after a meal. It can give a great end to your meal.
    Dhaga Mishri also Helps to cure Stomachache (Pet Dard) with Neem Leaves; take 10-12 tender neem leaves and 10 gm mishri and ingest it, stomachache will be banished within few minutes.

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