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    Emami Healthy & Tasty Ultra Lite Refined Soyabean Oil, 1L Pouch


    Ultra Lite, Healthy Delight: Change the way how you cook your everyday meals with Emami Healthy & Tasty Ultra Lite Refined Soyabean Oil. Very light, this cooking oil doesn’t alter the taste of your food while making it even healthier;Not Just Light, It’s Ultra Lite: Emami Healthy & Tasty Ultra Lite Soyabean Oil is one of the lightest oils available. It doesn’t make your meals heavy & greasy and also helps in keeping the ingredients’ natural nutrition intact
    Easy to Digest: Now eat to your heart’s delight. Being so light, Healthy & Tasty Ultra Lite gets absorbed less while frying and is also less sticky, making your food light and easy to digest;Balanced Health: Enriched with the right balance of essential fatty acids and antioxidants to help control cholesterol levels and prevent chronic diseases
    Contains the goodness of soya, Vitamin A, D & E. Not just a cooking oil, it’s a health expert. Vitamin A helps in strengthening immunity. Vitamin D supports strong bones. Vitamin E helps promote skin health;Stay Active All Day: Healthy & Tasty Ultra Lite Oil gets easily digested, thus helping you stay active and energetic even post meals. With zero cholesterol, it’s suitable for everyday use

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