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    HRBS 100 % Pure & Organic Poha Flattened Rice 500 G


    Why Is Poha Healthy: Many health and experts and nutritionists believe that poha is one of the most healthy food options that you find in India. It is packed with nutrients and fiber and is also an excellent source of antioxidants.
    Keeps You Full: Poha is an ideal breakfast dish, and that is because it keeps you full for a long time. When you have it in the morning, you are satisfied till lunch time, preventing you from unnecessary snacking throughout the day. The dish also has a rich probiotic content that keeps you satisfied and makes your stomach full. You can also have poha for lunch if not for breakfast, and it’ll work the same way!
    A Versatile Food: There are many exciting ways to create poha recipes. You can make many recipes that are simple and quick by using what’s available in your kitchen. You can make Classic vegetable Poha, Bread Poha, Nuts and Poha, Poha Salad, Poha Chaat

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