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    Country Bean Hazelnut Instant Coffee Powder 50 G | Arabica, Freeze-dried, Flavoured coffee | No Added Sugar | Makes 25 Cups


    FROM THE HOUSE OF COUNTRY BEAN- Enjoy your favourite Hazelnut instant coffee in a new packaging. Grown in the hills of Coorg, our Hazelnut instant coffee is made with a blend of premium arabica beans. Every cup of hazelnut arabica coffee has a smooth, nutty flavour and a strong, creamy finish that lingers on your tastebuds. Make a cup of frothy coffee, whether its your morning black coffee or hot coffee, your evening cappuccino or cold coffee with our hazelnut instant coffee.
    100% FREEZE-DRIED ARABICA – We use high quality arabica beans that is freeze dried at -50 degrees so that the flavour and aroma of the coffee is maintained.
    BOLDER, SMOOTHER and RICHER COFFEE IN AN INSTANT – Experience the full-bodied, rich aftertaste of 100% arabica coffee. It’s bolder, better and smoother than your regular cup of instant coffee. It’s perfectly balanced, yet it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Make hot coffee or cold coffee, with our hazelnut arabica coffee and experience the smooth, rich taste with every sip.

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