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    Nachankar Agro Unpolished Toor Dal (3kg (Combi Pack))


    Increases body development and muscular growth – A vegetarian’s diet has included toor dal for a very long time. Due toor dal’s high protein content, this is the case. Approximately 11 grammes of protein are found in 1 cup of cooked toor dal, which is essential for the body’s long-term growth and development.
    Fantastic for your heart – Toor dal is high in potassium, fibre, and contains very little cholesterol. As a result, it is excellent for your heart. Potassium helps your heart function well and significantly lowers blood pressure. cholesterol levels are maintained by fibre. By managing cholesterol levels, toor dal plays a significant part in avoiding atherosclerosis, which causes arteries to become blocked.
    Reduces body weight – Toor dal is low in calories despite having a high nutritional content. Additionally, it contains little saturated fat and cholesterol. Toor dal assists you in losing weight by lowering your desires and hunger. Additionally, it speeds up your metabolism.

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