‎13.2 x 18.3 x 6.1 cm; 386 Grams

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    Twinings Pure Green Tea, 100 Teabags, Green Tea, Perfectly Balanced & Refreshing


    A SOOTHING BLEND: As dawn breaks and the dewy mist hangs in the air, fresh leaves are picked to lock in the pleasant green flavour. Handpicked from select gardens, our Pure Green Tea is a refreshing drink. You will surely enjoy this soothing blend.
    BENEFITS: Pure green tea has less than one calorie and is a good source of hydration. Green teas are generally lower in caffeine than black teas. The Chinese believe that Green Teas can aid digestion.
    BREW THE PERFECT PURE GREEN TEA: Boil some water and cool slightly before pouring. Add a teabag to the cup of hot water and brew for a maximum of 2 minutes, any longer and you may lose the delicate taste. Let the cup revitalise your spirits.

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