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    Balzano Cold Press Juicer, Slow Juicer for Fruits & Vegetables, Extract Coconut Milk & Nut Milk Easily, Fruit Juicer Machine, Compact Design, Orange Juice Maker, Vegetable Juicer, Black, 100W


    DESIGN & ENGINEERED IN ITALY: The Balzano Cold Press Slow Juicer is carefully designed and engineered in Italy to simplify all your Juicing needs. Balzano is an Italian premium brand with 115+ years of experience in Home & Kitchen. Experience the Italian craftsmanship that will fulfil all your juicing needs.
    JUICE MAX TECHNOLOGY: Low speed 55 RPM gives you Pure Juice with minimum waste and less oxidation retaining maximum nutrients, even the heat sensitive vitamins. With the Balzano slow juicer make your carrot and beetroot juice easily. Prepare nut milk easily from almond, cashew, coconut, etc. With the Balzano slow juicer drink your health portions from leafy vegetables.
    POWER-ON & REVERSE FEATURE: Balzano cold press juicer is designed with a reverse motor action. This feature helps clean any pulp blockages and also, ensures a better extraction process. If in case any pulp is clogged in Balzano slow juicer. The reverse feature in Balzano slow juicer cold pressed helps in reversing the process which will throw out the clogged pulp and the juicer will function smoothly.

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