Iron Box

Here’s Everything You Must Know About Iron Box

What is an Iron Box?


An iron box or a clothes iron also called a smoothing iron or flat iron is a small triangular-shaped electrical appliance. When it is heated, it can be pressed into wrinkled clothes to remove wrinkles and all creases. We know that the Domestic irons have a level of operating temperatures from 121 °C (250 °F) to 182 °C (360 °F). It is named after the metal  (iron)of which the device is made. Today, there are many varieties of clothes iron box online shopping that can be done. Besides, you can choose the type, colour and brand of your liking with appropriate prices.


Let’s hear more on the necessity of every household: Iron box.

History of Iron Box


Before we had the facility of electricity, irons used to be heated with combustion. That was either done on fire or by any other arrangements inside the iron. American Henry W first invented the “electric flatiron”. Seeley and then patented on June 6, 1882. It weighed around 15 pounds. Besides, it took a long time to heat.


There were two types of iron primarily made back then. One type used to be filled with burning things like coal or hot wood. The second type contained solid lumps of metal which had the benefit of being heated very fast.


After all these, a later design was made in n iron box design. These iron boxes used to be filled with burning coals. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, irons used to be heated by fuels such as kerosene, and and and natural gas. Or ethanol,  carbide gas( like acetylene), animal oil or even gasoline.


Coming to the modern world, new iron box signs have been made with the use of electricity. These use resistive heating from an electric current. The hot plate which is also called the sole plate is made of aluminium or stainless steel which is flat and completely smooth.

Benefits of using an n box


  • Easy and convenient to use


These are very easy to use. Just put on the switch, have a flat area to put on the clothes, adjust the temperature and you are good to go. Besides, they have no smokey smells and one long stroke is enough to flatten out clothes.


  • Do not heat anything other than the machine


Earlier irons filled with hot coal were used which would heat the entire room. All thanks to the electrical iron box, it just heats the machine and the clothes. Nothing else. Buy n box online and check for all the facilities to enjoy hassle-free ironing.


  • Heats fast


Again, these iron boxes take very less time to heat up to just the right temperature. Buy the latest iron box designs and check for yourself.


  • Additional benefits


Apart from giving you the benefit of ironing anywhere with a switchboard, these smart iron box gives you features like automatic shutoff, temperature adjustments, cordless options and much more.


  • Affordable price


You can buy the best iron box for under 1000. That’s correct. These wonders come with extremelyaffordable prices. Therefore you can get them anytime you want at pocket-friendly prices. You can buy many good iron boxes at affordable prices online. In Fa c  t, he good iron box under 500 is also available both online and at the stores near you.

Features of iron box


To buy the iron box of your choice you must look for the following features in them:


  1. The size of water dispensers

Depending on your needs, buy the iron with the correct water tank size. We would suggest that for regular use in the household, but the ones with medium-sized water tanks.


  1. Cord length

The length of the cord is important. Iron boxes with short cords tend to get difficult to use. They can go up to limited space. Buy the ones that come with a big cord so that you can move the iron in any direction.


  1. Soleplate

Soleplate must cool down quickly, should be easy to clean and must be scratch resistant for the iron to survive longer.


  1. Iron box weight

The iron box should neither be too heavy nor too light. A medium-weight iron box is convenient and safe to use. Heavyweightiron box is are used in laundry shops because heavy fabrics can be pressed faster with them.


  1. Shouldn’t get you a high bill

An iron box for clothes shouldn’t get you a high electricity bill. The machines should consume a small amount of electricity for the convenience of every household.

Types of iron box


Various types of iron boxes are available both online and in es for your convenience. Look for the best iron box online or offline, and you will get a variety of types to suit your needs. Here are a few types of iron boxes available online:


  • Dry iron box

Dry iron boxes do not have any water dispensers. They are non-messy and the ones that you use at your home for gentle ironing. Look for an iron box near me online and get the best stores that give you dry iron boxes. Look for any ‘iron box shop near me and you will be in the shops.   


  • Steam iron box

The best steam iron box or water iron box is the type that is mostly used in shops to press heavy fabrics. They create a mist of water to smoothen out too many wrinkles and creases. Thick fabrics require this type of steam iron to flatten out clothes fast.


  • Portable iron box

These are rechargeable iron boxes. Or they may have a small coil attached which is easy to carry. The iron box coil is folded and the irons are small in size. This makes it handy to carry around anywhere. They are also called travel irons. They come in maaaaandes.


  • Automatic iron box

These have a thermostatic device through which one can regulate or control the temperature. Besides, when overheated, they cut off the heating automatically. The best iron box brand suggests an automatic iron box as a must-have at home.


  • Industrial iron box

The industrial laundry iron box price is slightly more than your regular ones. They come both dry as well as their ox with water spray. Both of them are used extensively in the shops. They are used to press out the big materials and hard fabrics. Besides, these consume a little more electricity than usual. However, they are generally used in the industrial use of pressing clothes at a large rate. These brass iron box priced from brand to brand. We would suggest the iron box best quality make it last longer.


  • Battery iron box

They are cordless iron boxes that are very convenient to carry. It can be connected to any outlet near you for a brief amount of time for charging purposes. You will find an iron box price list to choose from, try ian and ran an on box. It’s very popular these days. Go for the authentic brands though.


  • Light weight iron box

These are the best iron box for home. They come with both water spray and non-water spray types. Whatever you do, try to buy the best iron box online or offline for your home. Safety comes first. Therefore ensure that the iron box is easy to use and manageable for everybody. A light iron box is best for your home use. Besides, they come with temperature control that makes pressing possible for every type of fabric you own.


  • Steel iron box

These are slightly traditional or dated iron boxes. However, the quality isn’t down at all. These are slight-weight iron boxes that are used anywhere; at home or in the shops. These are the best iron box heavyweight if that is your preference. Several models of steel iron boxes are available in the market.

Why are clothes iron boxes popular?


Clothes iron boxes serve the biggest purpose of delivering wrinkled and creased free clothes. A well-pressed piece of cloth looks proper and fresh. Besides, it gives you confidence and helps maintain big garments. For example,,, a well-pressed saree is much easier to carry than an unpressed crumpled one.


Who would want to go to a good place with crumpled and wrinkled clothes? It makes your clothes look faded and worn out.

Well-ironed clothes give you the confidence that comes from wearing well-fitted and comfortable clothes. Today various types of iron boxes are available both online and offline with multiple price ranges, to suit your needs.


Therefore why would you settle for the unconventional way of putting your clothes on and the surface to make them crumple-free? The new iron box comes with multiple benefits so that operating becomes convenient. So do not look back or try on the haggard look for your workplace. Buy the best iron box and make yourself look prim and proper.

Types of soleplate for your iron boxes


The most important area is here. Having the correct soleplate is important lest you might just burn your clothes. Which ones should you go for? Let’s see.


  1. Aluminium soleplate

These are the conventional old day’s old plates that were primarily used on medium-weight iron boxes. They distribute the heat evenly in the entire garment. Therefore they are still used today. However, one disadvantage here is that the clothes tend to stick with the soleplate. That might result in burns on the fabric. They are still heavily used as commercial iron boxes.


  1. Ceramic soleplate

To have efficient and great gliding, try to buy the irons that have a ceramic coating over the metal soleplates. These are generally found in the best iron box online purchases.  But iron boxes that come with ceramic coating are slightly high in price because they provide a smooth finish without damaging your clothes. We would suggest you choose wisely here. A one-time good purchase would help you in the future. Who would want to turn off the heat for one minute to ensure that the plates don’t stick to your clothes?


  1. Non-stick soleplate

A non-stick-coated plate is very convenient for your everyday use. They are a layer of non-stick coating over your metal soleplates. They too protect your clothes from discolouration due to overheating or sticking. However, the coating wears off fast and repair works on the iron box are a little frequent here. However, branded iron boxes online or offline shopping give a considerable warranty period during which you can give multiple tries to see if the coating is getting dark or wearing off quicker.  Additionally, they come with both dry iron and irons with water dispensers.


  • Stainless steel soleplate

These are made of alloys of chromium along with iron. These plates absorb heat faster so that pressing is done fast. However, ceramic plates still win over all the other plates. We are saying this because these too contain a metal coating that sticks to the clothes at times. But the advantage here is that it doesn’t get scratched. It glides properly over hard fabrics and it is pretty affordable.


So these are the various types of metal plates available. Choose according to your requirements and ensure that you buy from the best brands. A good one-time investment lasts quite a long.

Cautions to take while using an iron box


  • First and foremost, do not try to iron anything which you are wearing. That is the most dangerous thing to do and might result in serious burns.
  • Always press on a board. An ironing board is designed so that pressing becomes easier and safe. Therefore try to use a board when ironing.
  • Do not leave the switch on after pressing. This is the most dangerous thing and often results in serious accidents. Make sure to switch off the current after using the board.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children. That goes without saying. Keep these machines away from children especially when it is hot.
  • Keep the cord away from the hot soleplate or it might get damaged. A damaged soleplate will further result in sparks from the iron box.
  • Buy the best quality coil. An expensive coil from a good brand is better as it prevents the occurrence of short circuits or sparks in the machine.
  • Keep the machine in a box to prevent dirt and dust. A dusty iron box might get damaged fast. Therefore put it inside a box after it cools down to keep it clean.

Iron box power-saving tips


  1. Buy from good brands

Branded iron box online shopping is a way to save energy on an everyday basis. These brands come up with energy-saving modes. Therefore you get the benefit to save electricity every time you use it.

  1. Try to buy wrinkle-free clothes

Buying materials which do not cause wrinkles is another way to save power.

  1. Change the way you wash all your clothes

Changing the way you wash your clothes might result in you not ironing them. Therefore try to straighten out the clothes after washing.

  1. Buy irons with ceramic coating

Buying irons which heat up fast will help to iron out fast and thus Dave electricity.

How to choose the best steam iron?


To choose the best steam iron, ensure that you look at a certain number of points.


  • Soleplate

Make sure that the soleplates are good. If they get too sticky, that is probably time to repair or change the iron.

  • Power check

Checking the power consumption of your steam iron will help you to save on the bills. Choose from the top ten brands of ke sure of energy saving.

  • Water dispenser

The water dispenser shouldn’t be too big or too small. Besides, it should leak too much water during ironing.

  • Buy good coils

Try buying good coils so that it doesn’t get damaged fast. Besides, it would help to reduce hazards.

Why buy an iron box online from the Rawat store?


Rawat store has an elaborate range of clothing lines. However, we are here to solve the problem with creases on your clothes. Therefore we have come up with many varieties of iron boxes to suit your needs. The products are user-friendly, come from good brands and have warranty options. Besides, the payment method is hassle-free. Give a tap to the iron box of your choice, look for the best deals and pay according to your convenience. We have COD, UPI, and card payments from many bank facilities for you. Get your picked product safely delivered within the stipulated time.


Iron boxes are now a necessity in our lives. They not only solve a trip to the laundry but also make ironing super easy and affordable. Follow all the tips before you buy the iron box of your choice.

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