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    LB RAY Cooking Spray Sunflower Oil – Low-Calorie, 100% Oil Spray, No Gases, Emulsifiers, and Water (200 ml, Pack of 1)


    Natural Sunflower Oil: Sunflower Oil is extracted from freshly-picked rich Sunflowers seeds with a neutral taste and aroma. It is the perfect kitchen essential for continental dishes from pasta, salads, bruschetta, and hummus to grilled chicken, sizzling prawns in garlic, and lasagne.
    No Preservatives /Propellants (Gas): This is a superior non-stick and healthy sunflower oil cooking spray with no added ingredients, preservatives, gases, flavors, or water.
    Low Calorie: This is a premium quality low-calorie sunflower oil cooking spray. Ideal for health cautious people. Hence it is useful for people who want to manage their weight or looking for a healthy lifestyle.

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