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    Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water • The Smoothest Taste Toscana, 25.36 fl oz / 750 ml


    Perfectly balanced, light and luminous with a tonic note, Acqua Panna has the rare ability to enhance even the most delicate flavours.
    Acqua Panna encompasses the very essence of Tuscan lifestyle, heritage and fine elegance, an extraordinary water rooted in the heart of the Italian culinary, artistic and historical tradition.
    Known for its remarkable limpidness and freshness, with subtle but very pleasant flavours, Acqua Panna natural mineral water flows from the Apennines Mountains inside the very heart of the picturesque Tuscan landscape.

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    Evian Water 12 x 1000 ml, Natural Mineral, 12000 millilitre


    NATURALLY REFRESHING: Our pure bottled natural spring mineral water is always a refreshing, naturally hydrating drink. Its quality and taste make it perfect for serving by the glass, or drinking directly from the bottle at home, at school or at the gym.
    NATURAL HYDRATION: evian’s bottled water starts off nestled in the French Alps before delivering natural hydration and naturally occurring electrolytes. It’s a great way to rehydrate post-workout, or as a refreshing drink on your lunch break or commute.
    OUR NATURAL SPRING WATER has a balanced mineral composition and naturally occurring electrolytes that give it a distinctive, smooth taste, unique among bottled waters. It’s the perfect rehydrating beverage, delicious either cold or at room temperature.

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    San Pellegrino Essenza Lemon & Lemon Zest Sparkling Mineral Water, 11.16 fl oz / 330 ml, 24 Pack


    Treat yourself to an elevated taste experience with Lemon Lemon Zest Essenza — This flavor pairs perfectly with light-flavored dishes such as your favorite seafood, fresh greens and seasonal fruit.. EBT item in eligible states.
    The same gentle bubbles of S.PELLEGRINO mixed with a vibrant blend of Mediterranean fruit flavors.
    The delicate, unique flavors make S.PELLEGRINO ESSENZA the perfect food partner and adds a tasty twist to your dishes without adding any calories

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