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    Anveshan Empowering farmers with technology Kashmiri Mongra Saffron Kesar Keshar,A+++ Grade,Untouched Long Kesar Threads For Pregnant Women,Milk,Biryani,Cooking,Skin,Iso Certified (1 G,Pack Of 1)


    KASHMIRI MONGRA SAFFRON: Our Grade 1 certified saffron is cultivated by farmers in the lush fields of Pampore, the saffron town of India. It is made by handpicking only the stigma – mongra threads of the saffron flower, ensuring the finest quality for you. Our natural process ensures rich flavour, strong aroma, thicker strands, and superior colouring strength of 200+, making it the best available saffron in the market.
    EXCELLENT HEALTH & BEAUTY BENEFITS: Our natural Kashmiri mongra kesar is untouched to retain the best quality and nutrients. It helps fight infections, improves digestion and makes your skin glow. Kashmiri kesar is known to be beneficial for expecting mothers or during pregnancy. It eases morning sickness, lessens abdominal pain, and also helps to strengthen immunity.
    HOW TO CONSUME: Applying Kashmiri kesar as a face mask, consuming it with milk at night, or regularly drinking it in lukewarm water after meals enhances immunity, mood, and digestion while also giving you brighter, more radiant skin. Additionally, you can enjoy it with desserts to enhance your meals’ flavour, aroma, and royalty.

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