UTKARSH AYURVEDA Piosa Herbal Lemon Tea (500gms.)

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A herbal lemon tea with goodness of Black Pepper, Black Salt, Roasted Cumin, Dalchini
Improves Digestive Functions
Helps in maintaining Good Health



Detoxifies The Body Most of the health benefits of Piosa herbal lemon tea attribute to the truth that it cleanses your body by removing toxins from the system. These toxins invite more than a few kinds of diseases and infections. An excellent detoxifier, helps prevent these diseases and infections. The citric acid content in Piosa is remarkably high, aiding in purifying the liver. Consuming Piosa empty stomach in the morning assists in getting rid of the entire wastes and toxins accumulated in the liver and thereby detoxifies the body completely. Boosts Digestive Function Piosa contains black pepper, cumin seeds, dalchini, enhancing gut health and regulating metabolism. Sipping on a cup of Piosa after a heavy meal significantly improves digestion. Remedy Of Cold And Flu Piosa is helpful in relieving cold and flu symptoms. In case of cold and flu, you’ll be able to add ginger to the tea and drink it 3 to 4 times daily. It’s going to not only give relief from a sore throat, but also boost your immune system It soothes throat, relating to cough or cold. It helps in digestion, as it helps the kidney and liver to function smoothly. Facilitates Iron Absorption Tea, in general, can interfere with the absorption of nonheme iron by your body. Alternatively, relating to lemon tea, the vitamin C can boost non-heme iron absorption. Thus, adding lemon juice to tea can counteract this adverse effect of tea How To Make Piosa Lemon Tea? Piosa herbal Lemon tea preparation is no big deal. Given below is the simple method 1.Take a cup of hot water. 2. Add a 3/4 teaspoon or 1 teaspoons of tea powder, depending upon whether you wish to have a strong or a lighter version of tea. 3.Mix and drink Hence, if you wish to have a combo of health benefits and refreshing taste and aroma, Piosa is the right option.Nutrient Content -per 10gm.(approx.), Calories-32.208 K.cal, Total carbohydrates – 7.309 g., Protein – 302 mg, Total fat – 196 mg, Sodium – 470.35 mg, Dietary Fiber – 114 mg, Vitamin-A – 3.13 IU, Vitamin-C – 3.091 mg

A herbal lemon tea with goodness of Black Pepper, Black Salt, Roasted Cumin, Dalchini
Improves Digestive Functions
Helps in maintaining Good Health
Instant Herbal Lemon Tea Premix (No want to add sugar)
Easy to make, Ensure great taste in every sip with a very Awesome Taste
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